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Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. has been working with the agricultural aviation industry since 1947 providing support in aircraft sales, parts, engine overhauls, service, repairs and modifications. We furnish complete support for ThrushPiper Brave and Pawnee, and we are a Cessna ag service center.  In addition, we containerize and export aircraft, engines, and parts throughout the world.


now AVAILABLE-Cascade Aircraft Conversion PT6A-41/42 

850 SHP CONVERSIONS with High Performance Propeller for THRUSH and AIR TRACTOR!!


Please see the Thrush  section for latest INFORMATION on the wing spar A.D. 

NEW!!! We now have Century 60,000 hour life spar cap kits, and factory new lower spar caps available!! See Thrush and Spar Cap kit sections. WE SELL AND INSTALL both of them, PLUS we have  READY TO GO WINGS IN STOCK!!

We welcome your inquiries and look forward to helping you with your needs, 

as YOU are why we are here.







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Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc.

6679 Dale Fry Road

Tulare, California  93274

Phone: (559) 686-1794 or (559) 686-2161

Fax: (559) 686-9360


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Updated September 04, 2019