Piper Pawnee

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Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. has supported
the Piper Pawnee since 1968 with:

Aircraft sales, airframe parts, engine overhauls and accessories.

We carry the McCAULEY fixed pitch prop in stock!!!

as well as



We are continuing to work on finding new sources of parts and improvements 

to help your Pawnee!!


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Request our latest "Aircraft for Sale List" or our "Popular Parts List"  by E-MAIL or calling us at one of the phone numbers shown below.







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Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc.

6679 Dale Fry Road

Tulare, California  93274

Phone: (559) 686-1794 or (559) 686-2161

Fax: (559) 686-9360


HH01518A.gif (838 bytes)info@johnstonaircraft.com (Aircraft Sales/General Info)

HH01518A.gif (838 bytes)parts@johnstonaircraft.com (Parts Department)               


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