Piper Brave

Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. has been supporting the Brave since 1973 and is known as "THE HOME of the 400 SUPER BRAVE".  We designed the conversion in 1975 and have changed many Braves throughout the world to our High Performance Version. We still build, sell and support the 400 SUPER BRAVE and the CONVERSION KIT!!       

We also designed and certified a Brave High Performance Wing Leading Edge Kit.  The kit includes a Higher Performance Propeller, a one piece Aluminum Gate, a hopper vent spill prevention kit, one of our own hopper and gate seals and a Dropped Streamlined Boom Kit.

No matter what you need for your 300, 375400 or Turbine Brave, JAS, Inc  can help YOU!   We can furnish the 4100 HR  wing spar cap kits; Turbine Conversion Kits; Engines; Engine overhauls; Fuselages; wings; control surfaces; Propellers; landing gear saddles/ liners/retaining bolts, tailwheel springs, wheels, brakes, hoppers, lids, gates, seals, fuel cells and foam kits, wing tips, leading edges, VORTEX GENERATORS, you name it!!!

We can fix your broken fuselage, wings, control surfaces, Whatever you need, we can help you with it.  We have a fuselage Jig and Wing Fixtures for Rebuilding and We Can perform the 4100 HR wing spar cap replacement.

      We have a 550 SHP Turbine Brave for sale.


WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU! Please contact us by phone, fax, e-mail or write, and we will gladly work with you to keep YOUR BRAVE FLYING and to IMPROVE THE WAY IT FLIES.

We can also help with containerization  and export of aircraft, engines, and  parts to most parts of the world!!


leading edge3.jpg (87321 bytes)"THE JAS LEADING EDGE YOU'VE HEARD ABOUT"

leading edge1.jpg (222643 bytes)    leading edge4.jpg (206001 bytes)
STC NO. 18 12 NM

WB01569_.gif (193 bytes)    IMPROVE TAKE OFF & CLIMB PERFORMANCE   

WB01569_.gif (193 bytes)    INCREASED SPEED   

WB01569_.gif (193 bytes)    GREATER PAYLOADS   

WB01569_.gif (193 bytes)    QUICKER TURNS & MORE STABILITY   

WB01569_.gif (193 bytes)    SAFER - LOWER STALL SPEEDS, ETC.   

Contact Johnston Aircraft Service FOR:

Aircraft sales, airframe parts, engine overhauls and accessories.  Our specialty is the Lycoming IO720. 

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Request our latest "Aircraft for Sale List" or our "Popular Parts List"  by E-MAIL or calling us at one of the phone numbers shown below.






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Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc.

6679 Dale Fry Road

Tulare, California  93274

Phone: (559) 686-1794 or (559) 686-2161

Fax: (559) 686-9360


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Updated September 04, 2019