Wing Repairs

Complete Wing Repairs:

Spar Cap Replacements (Factory OEM, Century STC,)

Reinforced Leading Edges

Extended Fuel Tanks

Wing Extensions

Ag Winglets


Aileron Repair and Rebuilds

Aileron Bracket - Service Instruction

Flap Repair and Rebuilds


                  Incoming Wing "Project"                                Spar Cap Replacement 


              Leading Edge & Nose Rib Repairs                            Adding Wing Extensions


              Rib and Fuel Bay Replacement                                Completed Wing Project


We have a two (2) sets of Completely Rebuilt THRUSH Wings 


New Factory Spar Caps, Wing Extensions, 230 Gal Fuel, 

End Caps, Heavy Duty Leading Edge Skins and Ribs, 

Nav/Strobe Lights, 

and NEW PAINT of your color (1) choice!







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Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc.

6679 Dale Fry Road

Tulare, California  93274

Phone: (559) 686-1794 or (559) 686-2161

Fax: (559) 686-9360


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Updated September 04, 2019